The "table d'hôtes" (restaurant for guests) at CASA DINA: PURA VIDA

Pura Vida or the art of enjoying the present moment


What if we adopted the Costa Rican philosophy of life? The small Latin American country is one of the happiest in the world. Its secret: a positive art of living, which is called ""Pura Vida"" there.

Costa Rican people say "pura vida" all the time. The meaning of this expression goes well beyond its literal translation: ""pure life"" . It is first of all a positive and friendly way of greeting each other . "Pura vida" also expresses that everything is fine and that we must not forget all that is good in our life , the chance to be able to live and to be there, and to thank for the little attentions that we receive.from others.

""Pura vida"" also means that it will be okay . If you have any problems, everything will work out eventually.

In fact, ""pura vida"" is a bit like a reminder to tell us that nothing is more important than life : it is an invitation to enjoy the present moment, the only moment that counts.

At Casa Dina, we have chosen the name ""Pura Vida"" for our restaurant for guests (""table d'hôtes""), hoping to share this positive state of mind with you.

The setting in our garden by the swimming pool helps to create a friendly, warm and relaxed atmosphere.

Chef Stéphane's Mediterranean cuisine is made from fresh, local products. The menu is constantly evolving with the seasons and the dishes will introduce you to a wide variety of flavors and textures of our region.

Pura Vida !!!